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About Me

My beautiful wife and I have 3 adorable girls. I love being a girldad! We love to travel and have a family goal to visit every continent on Earth, but call Mesa, AZ home for now.- I served a mission for my church for two years in the jungles of Veracruz, Mexico
- DISC = "Influencer", Enneagram = Type 3 "Achiever"
- I've been in the world of marketing since 2012, most of that time spent in B2B SaaS
- I'm the most organized person I know (ask me about my personal productivity operating system)
- I still daydream about going to space as an astronaut (or, apparently nowadays, a billionaire)

My Work

I feel the most fulfilled when I'm helping someone turn their skills, experience & ideas into the income-producing, freedom-giving, passion-filled reality of their dreams.- Creator of Prepare My Legacy, an online template that helps families prepare & organize all the affairs of life, and create a legacy.
- Creator of The Consulting Launchpad, a course for new coaches, consultants & agency owners
- Co-founder of Neighborhood Golf Carts, a customized golf cart dealer for master-planned communities in the East Valley of Arizona.
- Creator of Your Life Story, an app that I think has the potential to positively impact 100's of 1000's of people. (Looking for help with this)
- I lead a marketing team as Director of Demand Generation at Proofpoint Marketing, a B2B go-to-market consultancy.
Connect on LinkedIn here and click here for podcasts I've been featured in.

Speaking (COMING SOON)

The Consulting Launchpad

Owner | December 2019 - Present

The Consulting Launchpad is a go-at-your-own-speed online course for those who want to turn their skills, knowledge and experience into profitable coaching or consulting businesses. Graduates of this course will leave with a crystal clear niche (who you serve and what problem you solve), an irresistible offer, and a client acquisition system that'll get you clients on repeat.

Your Life Story (Coming Soon)

Creator | July 2021 - Present

I'm creating this app to model and improve upon the manual system I created and have been using for the last 18 months. How many 30 year olds do you know with a complete, written life story?Purpose:
To simplify the life story creation process through 100% personalized writing prompts and an entirely new approach to recording your life's story. To help people find the meaning and purpose in the lessons they learn and enable them to pass their life's story down through generations.
Problems solved:
- "I want to write my life's story, but it's such a huge, daunting task!"
- "When I finally do sit down to write, I don't know what to write about!"
- "The default prompts and topics from my journaling app don't inspire me."

Prepare My Legacy

Creator | March 2022 - Present

I watched my Grandma have to pick up the pieces of her life when my Grandpa passed away unexpectedly, leaving her in a mess of confusion and stress in an already difficult, emotional time.This experience inspired me to prepare my own legacy plan - a central place to store the details, logins, accounts and affairs of life. I knew this would be helpful but I didn't expect how much peace and comfort it would bring.Through this DIY course and digital workbook, I help families of all types to create their own legacy plan by providing a structure and process for collecting life's most important details.I believe that a little preparation and hard work now, will be a tender mercy in the wake of tragedy in the (hopefully very distant) future.

Podcast Appearances

- Katalyst podcast: Season 2, Ep. 1,2 & 3 - Change your Trajectory #entrepreneurship #business
- One Day in One Year podcast: Ep. 40 - James Ricks #entrepreneurship #business
- Show Me The Proof, Get To the Point: Ep. 7 - The Proof Is In Category Creation #b2bmarketing #categorycreation
- Just the Bulb podcast: Ep. 45 - Defining the Skills to Start a Business #entrepreneurship #business
- Fleet Success Show podcast: Ep. 14 - Interview with Trucking For Millenials #fleetmanagement #culture
- Pathmonk Presents podcast: Personalized Buying Paths #b2bmarketing #categorycreation
- The efficiency B podcast: I | Inbox: James Ricks #timemanagement #organization #processes

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I'm obsessed with helping people turn their skills, experience & ideas into the income-producing, freedom-giving, passion-filled reality of their dreams.


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